Ask the Experts: What is content and why does your business need it?

AOL conducted a study which uncovered that daily, just over 27 million pieces of content is shared online. That’s a LOT of information.

But what IS content? And more importantly, why is having good content so important?

Put simply, content is just... well, stuff.

It’s information, it’s images, it’s video, it’s text, its’s infographics, it’s podcasts. It’s material you put out and share online.

Most companies already utilise and appreciate the importance of having an array of social channels. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram… but, do they utilise it enough? Do YOU utilise it enough?

In our extremely digital and technological age - where a conversation can barely run its course without someone’s attention being diverted by a glowing phone screen - it’s impossible to deny the importance of having a significant online presence, whether you’re a huge corporation, small start-up company, or an established brand trying to use technology more to their advantage.

There are 2.3 billion active social media users to date, that’s a huge amount of people to reach. A huge amount of people who could potentially view your social page… meaning your social platform is extremely important.

Do you ever remember that time you were on a brands twitter feed and it was filled with super uninteresting articles about fiscal policies and lowering investment rates? Yeah me neither. As humans, we’re incredibly visual beings. We like to enjoy, laugh, unashamedly waste a bit of time by looking at funny pictures of cats. Creating tedious and dull informational posts and inundating your social channels with strange links and business stats will do no more for you than waste energy and create a few z’s for your readers.

While you want your content to be relevant, you also want it to be enjoyable.

Posting blog articles on your Facebook feed shouldn’t just be about ‘getting things out there’. For a company wishing to build its online presence, generating great content is about investing in the interests of your clients and providing them with something useful and enjoyable.

The key is to get into the mind of your consumer. Think about your favourite way to ingest information. People like to watch, read, see colour, see movement. It’s not always about trying to promote your product directly or sell a service.

So when it comes to good content, sometimes it’s good to give something for nothing.

As Gary Vaynerchuk infamous metaphor maintains, the key is to; jab, jab, jab, right hook”; provide value, provide value, provide value, ask for the sale.

Essentially this means that only using your social channels to try and ‘sell sell sell sell’ will only get you so far.

Your customers don’t want to be blitzed with adverts and your products 24/7.

Imagine you’re walking down a busy market and it’s absolutely heaving with stalls and beautiful items. But the sales advisor just won’t leave you be. They keep buzzing around and propelling products under your nose... meaning you can’t really think straight or browse at leisure. What does it make you want to do? Buy their product? Or browse else where…?

It’s the same concept online.

Provide something interesting, useful, funny. Generate something people will want to share and engage with. It will hopefully help them to remember you, and aid in generating loyal and returning customers.

It’s a win win for everyone! laughing


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Ask the Experts: What is content and why does your business need it?
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