Your Free Guide to... Creating Compelling Content

You’ve heard from us why great content is necessary, but how do you create it?

It’s actually easy stuff. Here’s some ideas to take on board to help alleviate your success online:


First and foremost, choose your platforms.

Having a wide array of social platforms is important for good brand awareness, but it’s vital to choose carefully. Not all businesses suit Instagram or YouTube. But for some (for example, creative agencies), Instagram can be a great platform to share visual content. It’s important to choose your platforms wisely and then focus your efforts on growing and refining them. Facebook and Twitter are huge, they target a wide array of people and can be utilised by lots of different businesses. Do your research and find out where your target audience spends their time.


Visuals – Show Don’t Tell

Invest some time in making some pretty awesome looking stuff.

Source graphics, create imagery, share inspiration.

Imagery is great, but video’s ae greater! Studies have shown that social media users spend an average of 1h 16mins of their day watching videos. That’s a lot of videos watched and a lot of potential!


Switch up the tone

It’s great to be informative and provide information relevant to your brand, but switch it up. If its appropriate inject a bit of humour into your online social profiles. Humanising your brand is important, and it’s well known that customers are more responsive and engaged with brands online if they’re approachable, fun, and engage back.


Keep up with the Jones

Always try and stay on board with the local trends. Generating content inspired by social events and engaging in conversations your customers are already having is a great way to encourage interaction. Keeping up with current trends is also important in remaining relatable. The rise of the emoji keyboard since 2012 has been phenomenal, it’s a new language and a new way to communicate. Utilise it.


Use Your Unique Selling Point

In a world where everything is the same, do something a bit different every now and then. Everyone has something unique to offer, whether you’re a small or big company.

Be creative and unique. There’s only so much of the same stuff you can regurgitate and re-share. Sometimes if you want to be noticed, you’ve got to go the extra mile.


Remember what we said about providing people with useful information, and not trying to constantly sell?. By providing people with something useful, enjoyable and enlightening for nothing, overtime you will become a trusted source. A company people think of, and a company who people want to engage with.



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Your Free Guide to... Creating Compelling Content
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